These are What Tiny House Kits for Sale Reviews Recommend You

Tiny house is always like a childhood fantasy that remains bold until your present life. It must be very nice to be able to build your own tiny house. Imagine the bragging, pride, and joy when you are succeeded. However, the fact is it isn’t easy to build it from scratch unless you are a pro. It is impossible until you find the right tiny house kits like ones listed below.



1. Tiny House on Wheel from 84 Lumber

The 84 lumber is a national retailer for home improvement and they have just the right kits for amateur builder like you. Understanding that most people can’t finish the project alone, they make sure you can choose between the move in ready and the one you need to build first.

For type that you need to build, you can choose between the semi DIY or the build your own one. The semi DIY allows you to do the fun things while the daunting work like structure and all will be made ready for you.

There are currently four models you can choose. It includes the Countryside which is about 203 square foot, the Degsy with around 200 square foot space, the Shonsie with front porch and 160 square foot space, and The Roving which is 154 square foot space.

Tiny house on wheels 84 lumbers the roving

Tiny house on wheels 84 lumbers the roving

2. Cottage and Cabin Kits from the Jamaica Cottage Shop

This shop offers more than enough options for new builders. Considering that mistakes happen, you can order customized package from them. You can adjust your choice with your budget and skill so far.

Each package from this shop includes several things. It includes enough kits to build the tiny house without the interior furnishing of course. Yes, you can ask for the interior finish as well if you want to. The kits get all the labeling and number so you can assemble them easier.

Insulation, electrical details, and plumbing are available upon request, as well as interior options. The package is buildable by two adults with even the least experience on building tiny houses. Plus, you love the design that appears very nice and fancy.

VERMONT COTTAGE tiny house kits from the Jamaica Cottage Shop

VERMONT COTTAGE tiny house kits from the Jamaica Cottage Shop

3. Shelter in a Day Kit

This isn’t the name of the shop that provides it. It is actually the name of the kit. It is available around $4,999, which is pretty reasonable for what you get. Unlike other tiny houses, this kit looks different yet stunning. It has the modern sharpness and timeless lines on the design.

The kit is made of MDF, which is termite and rust resistant, waterproof, and durable across seasons. It comes with components that are cut on best precision, and you need patented interlocking system that is free of tool to build it.

In addition to the fact that you need flat or solid surface to put it on, the tiny house will have the window and doors lock. If you want the roof to be paintable with waterproofing paint, you can request it with additional budget. Plus, it can be enlarged with particular extension kit.

Green tiny house design from shelter in a day

4. Arched Cabins Kits

Arched Cabins has all you dream about tiny houses. While it looks different, the details are totally well manufactured. Their kits are claimed to be buildable within one weekend by two adults with no experience in building the houses.

There are many sizes you can choose. A kit costs $6,000 and it offers 384 square feet livable space within 12 by 32 feet structure. Whatever kit you purchase, you get components in pre cut that includes assembling fastener, roof paneling, ridge beam, and plates for flooring, and standard R-13 insulation for the house.

Additional features like the foundation is available upon request with additional price. However, they don’t offer plumbing and electrical packages which is disappointing for some people. Their design is great so it will be easy to find it elsewhere though.

Arched cabins interior floor plan tiny house design unique

5. Tumbleweed Tiny Houses’s Barn Raiser

This kit is designed as tiny house shell that can be added on a trailer. The design is claimed to be saving 200 hours of build time for being practical. Tumblewed Tiny Houses offer $16,000 kit of no frill.

There are four models offered here, including Mica, Linden, Elm, and Cypress. Each of the kit includes stick built roof that has ice and rain shield, vapor barrier along with the stick built walls, and subfloor that is fully insulated.

There are additional features available as well like the shower, siding, windows, and doors. However, they cost more if you request it. In addition to the entire features and build, the entire kits are available with financing options as well. Above all, these kits are favorite for so many people.

Tumbleweed tiny homes models Barn Raiser

Tumbleweed tiny homes models Barn Raiser

6. The Perfect Start for DIYers by Tiny Heirloom

Tiny Heirloom is a company that works in custom home building industry. They make decent tiny house kits that underline the design for minimizing the luxury you won’t leave. The entire kits are about luxury packed in a small space.

This company offers design that includes tricked out kitchen, tub with claw foot, and more indulgent features you rarely find on tiny houses. In short, their tiny houses pack you the mini space with all the possible luxury you can have.

The latest offer of this company is the mentioned kit, The Perfect Start for DIYers. It costs $15,000 per kit. It includes the shell and all features you can ask.

Tiny Heirloom tiny house kits design ideas

Tiny Heirloom tiny house kits design ideas

7. The Half/Half House by Monarch Tiny Homes

Monarch Tiny Homes understands that most people who want tiny houses don’t want to spend too much money on the building but they don’t have the skill to build it themselves too. This is when Hal/Half House is the perfect kit to buy.

It has all the heavy lifting installed in it but interior is unfurnished so you can customize it yourself in much cheaper budget. It is 160 square feet for the downstairs and 110 square feet for the upstairs where you sleep. The kit costs around $22,000, which is great enough especially looking at the design and quality.

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