Having a small area can be a pain in the head because you will need to design it well so that you can have the space you want. If you also have the same problem, you don’t need to worry because you can have an open space that will allow you to have the kitchen and living room at the same time.

It will save more space on your tiny house, but you will need a great trick so that you can use most of the space. Here are some ideas and hacks you can try to decorate your kitchen and living room combos.

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Open Space Kitchen

Before learning how to design and decorate the kitchen and the living room, you need to know the meaning of open space first. Open space kitchen refers to a multi-functional kitchen arrangement. It means that you can combine it with other arrangements, like a dining area or living room, without sacrificing the space. The open space kitchen will allow you to have free flow and at the same time, it can function well.

The open space kitchen is very common nowadays because the living space gets smaller. The open space kitchen will be perfect because you can maximize the area will without sacrificing the function. The idea of the open kitchen is to remove the barrier between the kitchen and other areas, in this case, is the living room.


Pros and Cons

The idea of having an open space kitchen comes with pros and cons. The first good thing to have the open kitchen is to minimize the movement in the kitchen. You don’t need to travel a long way just to wash the dishes or just to get the carrot for the soup. You will be able to cook in no time because everything is within your reach.

Then, the open kitchen will help you remove the barrier with your family. You won’t be isolated in the kitchen and you are still able to join in the conversation because there will be no wall separating the kitchen and the living room.

The third good thing to have the open kitchen is that you won’t get the smelly kitchen anymore. The open kitchen will help the air flows well, but it can also be a bad thing if you like to cook some kinds of dishes with strong smells because the aroma might disturb your guests and it will linger for some time or even days.

The next disadvantage is that you will need to keep the kitchen clean all the time because your guests will be able to see the kitchen directly from the living room. It won’t be very nice to let them see the untidy kitchen when you are engaged in an important conversation. But still, having an open space will be great for you and it will save more space in your small house.


How to Design the Kitchen and Living Room

Although having an open space kitchen will be advantageous for you, you will still need to worry about how to design it. It is quite hard because you will need to arrange everything well so that it won’t be too packed. Not only for the furniture, but you will also need to pay attention to the decoration or even the color of the kitchen so that the open space will look more spacious.

1. Color Combination

The first thing you need to pay attention to is to choose the color combination for your kitchen and living room. The goal here is to make sure that the living room stands out more than the kitchen. You will need to choose a subtle colour for your kitchen and brighter color for the living room. You can simply choose white as the primary color for the kitchen because it will make the kitchen more spacious.

Then, you can choose a green or light green color for the living room. By doing so, you will attract more attention to the living room while at the same time, you will create a spacious illusion in the kitchen. Or, you can also give the kitchen and the living room the same color so that you will create a smooth transition between the two.

2. Furniture

The idea of having a combination of kitchen and living room together is to arrange the furniture as simple as you can. You might prefer to have a kitchen cabinet, but it will make the room look crumpled. If you want to make the living room and the kitchen blend well together, you need to consider removing the kitchen cabinet.

It would be best if you remembered to have only the necessary items in your kitchen and living room to make the room look more spacious. You can also choose to have more furniture in the living room or in the kitchen to increase productivity in one of the area.


3. Layout

Choosing the layout for your open space kitchen is also important, especially when you haven’t finished the room. There are different kinds of layouts you can choose, such as one wall modular kitchen which allow you to install the kitchen appliances on it, galley kitchen layout that adopts the ship’s galley, or U-shaped kitchen that will allow you to have more cooking space.

You will need to choose the layout carefully because later you might need to give your house a new makeover.


4. Lighting

The last thing you cannot forget is to choose the right lighting for your open space kitchen. The lighting will give a more spacious illusion to the room, or it will also make the room looks crumpled. It is great if you have wide windows that allow the lights to come to the room because it will automatically make the room look more spacious.

But, if you don’t have the windows, you can still hang an elegant chandelier lamp with a bright light to help you create a similar illustration. You can also hand a few spotlights with softer light over the table or the kitchen bar to give a focal point in the kitchen and the living room.


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