Fluttering Tiny Bedroom Ideas For Couples

While most people enjoy luxury by adding huge furniture to their house, many modern couples prefer to appreciate the small space. It is more affordable and more convenient since not all couple aim to have children right away. Moreover, there are some worthy and simple ways to spice the space up!

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1. Choosing Pastel Colors

The first trick any small house owners want to learn is creating huge and spacious room. No one will be pleased to enter a stuffy room. Believe it or not, such atmosphere might be the side effect of choosing wrong tone for the paint. As many have know, the safest tone to play with is white. Unfortunately, not all couples love the clean look.

Thus, another choice is pastel colors. Many interior designers even corporate the color and the room. For the living room, most house owners prefer to have caramel color. As for the other rooms, there are plenty of choices; pink, sky blue, light green, and even light yellow.

Pastel color bedroom colour palettes for couples

2. Playing With Wallpaper Decoration

Remember all those fancy wall carving and stuffs? Well, they don’t belong to small houses, especially in the bedroom. The space is limited, so the wall is important asset to put the belongings. Luckily, the couples could still incorporate some style while planning for the most effective way to use the walls.

The best bet would be the wallpaper decoration. A lot of online and offline shops are selling many kinds of patterns. Some even offer to make the customize pictures. Make sure to check the material. Several wallpapers could last for years, while the others will be worn out within months.

Tiny bedroom wallpaper decoration

3. Getting Rid Of Big Furniture

To tell the truth, some couples might not be familiar yet with the idea of small house. Since the space will notably be smaller than the ordinary house, they should have got into the “smaller” mindset as well. First, say no to the huge bed with headstand. It takes up more space in the room.

Second, avoid purchasing the side table made from block of wood. It makes the rooms looks fuller. Opt for the one made from glass and metal instead. This table will allow access to see the wall, thus expanding the room further. Third, remove as many electronic devices as possible from the bedroom. In small house, TV and any other sound producing device is considered a nuisance. Get to the basic: bedroom is for resting and sleeping.

Tiny bedroom ideas for couples simple

4. Choosing the Bed

The main furniture in a bedroom is the bed itself. Option one: regular bed. It gives the maximum comfort for the couples who need a good night sleep. Remember to remove the headboard. If the couple goes with bed frame, it would be nice to have drawers installed under the bed. Some items could be stored inside.

The second option is the daybed. Don’t flinch yet just because the daybed is mostly used by children. This type of bed could be folded into a sofa during daylight. At night, the mattress could be expanded, big enough to fit two adults. It is a perfect choice for workaholic couples.

Daybed ideas for bedroom couples

5. Assigning the Furniture In The Right Place

If one color could ruin the whole mood in the room, what about the arrangement of furniture? After all, the weakness of smaller bedroom is the less area to put things. In addition, there should be a decent amount of space for walking around safely without too much bumping in the process. Is it tough enough?

a. The Bed

Depending on the size and shape of the room, the couples might need to try several positions. The classic option is pushing the bed to the corner of the room. It works well with the square shaped room with the door placed on the side. If the bedroom has the window installed, then it is better to put the bed across the window. This way, the natural light could spread to the whole corners.

b. The Lamp

While matching the style of the bedroom, think carefully about the type of lamp. Is it better to have the wall lamp, hanging lamp, or standing lamp? These are the most common types. Among the choices, the most functional one is the wall lamp. Try to ask for the arm bending type. It could be both the reading lamp and the sleeping lamp as well.

c. The Shelf

For dynamic couple, the bedroom is not only a place for resting but also working. Thus, the couples should provide some spaces for the books and the other supplies. The best place to put these is either on the floating shelf or the foot bed drawer. Once again, use all spaces as efficient as possible.

Bed designs like the following also seem interesting to choose from. Many items can be stored underneath.

Tiny bedroom ideas for couples storage

6. Picking the Right Combination

Now that the furniture has been settled, the next awaiting job is the finishing touch. It includes the bed covers, pillow case, rug, etc. These small elements are also important to spice things up in the room. If the couple want to go with the overall theme, then pick something in tune with the wall colors and the wallpaper. It would be a room of comfort for them.

Considering to go a little bold? Then take darker tone colors. For example, if the wall is painted sky blue, then pair it with navy, brown, dark gray or black. There is no need to go safe by choosing the tone from nearest spectrum. As long as the color is darker, it will mostly work.

For the rug, it defines something more than just the atmosphere of the room. A rug brings the luxury and style for the couple’s space. It is usually placed near the chairs or next to the bed. Unless the concept is wild, try to be modest with the rug.

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Back then, living in a big space house somehow highlights the luxury of an accommodation. As years passed, people are more concerned abut the function. Why choose big houses when the small ones are convenient enough? Try the ideas above and see how they could change the whole games.

Nice combination tiny bedroom ideas for couples


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