Best Small House Living Room Furniture Ideas

Your small house living room can be smaller than you expect, but it isn’t the end of the story. You actually can insert some functionality as well as style inside, as you see it on bigger room. However yes, you need to be more careful while choosing your furniture. Here are several small house living room furniture ideas that should be on your list.

1. Colorful Stool

Stool is a perfect idea for a small living room. First, it doesn’t take as much space as armchair does. Second, it is practical for being easy to move anytime. Third, there are many stylish stools out there that you can shop, so your living room still looks well furnished.

If you are up to it, prefer on upholstered stool. It is way more comfortable and it looks inviting at the same time. In addition to it, you can work with the upholster by matching the cover color. Work it out with the linens and throw pillows.

Colorful living room bright decor ideas

2. Build Window Seat

When you don’t even have enough space for a living area, you can consider any corner near the window. It can be transformed into one. You will need to build custom made window seating set. Make sure to add leggy furniture so it gives larger room impression to the eyes.

If you are up for it, you can consider enrich the design so you get small storage space between the wall studs. Make sure to give bright and dark color for the furniture in balance. It will give you the needed living room without adding any more space you don’t actually have.

Living room seating ideas layout for small space

3. An Ottoman

An ottoman is always welcomed in every type of room. For the best functionality, make sure to choose the oversized one. This may sound a little illogical to add an oversized item inside a small living room, but not for this one. You need an ottoman more than just for seating.

While it will accommodate your friends well, an oversized ottoman will be a great coffee table when you need to. Simply pair it with a tray, and you have stylishly looking storage for your clutters. Meanwhile if it is upholstered ottoman, you can store and hide more things inside it too.

Ottoman coffee table living room small space

4. Built-In Cabinet

Small living room will need a lot of storage space especially when the house owner is a lively person. Instead of taking more of your limited space, you can consider custom build a bank of cabinet in the room. It will fit perfectly and it actually gives your living room a grand character.

For balance, make sure to order a combination of concealed and opened cabinet. It gives the cabinet a lighter impression that will affect the room atmosphere. In addition to it, never fear to build it high. It distracts the eye from looking horizontally, which makes sure everyone feels like being in a roomy space.

Built-in cabinets living room fireplace with tv

5. Swing Arm Lamp

This is a popular option for decoration to today’s modern and minimalist apartment and loft. This is also a fitting item to add into a small living room. It doesn’t need a desk or table, and it takes a very small floor space. In addition to it, it adds big style statement in your room.

The trick is to choose the right spot for it. It is recommended to place the lamp on the corner of the room. Make sure that it is possible for it to be maneuvered too so it is also fully functional later.

Swing arm wall lamp living room

6. Sectional Sofa for Small House Living Room Furniture

This is an acceptable item for a larger space, yes. Yet, it will work well in your small living room. Many designers recommend adding it anyway because it has the ability to hug the room countour while offering enough seats. This is the options instead of adding a couch and a couple of chairs in the room.

The key will be neutral shade for the sofa, best placement, and the size. There are sectional sofas that are smaller than usual. These will do great in a small living room. It allows you to maximize the room potential.

Sectional sofa for small living room
Small house living room furniture

7. Transparent Coffee Table

Your living room is maybe small but you still need a coffee table. In this case, you should consider buying a transparent coffee table instead. There are several of these tables available actually. You can prefer on all glass table if you think it is safe enough for your home. In alternative, you can also prefer on one made of acrylic which is a lot lighter and safer too.

It gives an impression as if the coffee table disappears in your living room as long as you don’t add too many clutters on top of it. Choose one with simpler design so the transparent feel is well delivered.

Transparent coffee table living rooms

8. Any Furniture with Hidden Storage

When it comes to a small house living room furniture, you need to invest on furniture items that have hidden storage in it as many as possible. Today, it isn’t hard to get. You will be able to find sectional sofa that has hidden storage to keep your books and magazines.

In addition to sofa, you should consider buying coffee tables, ottoman, and other items that have the same storage as well. Commonly, you can lift up the upholster and you’ll find storage under. It helps in reducing the amount of stuff you need to arrange in the room. It means you need fewer cabinet and shelves as well in the room.

Hidden storage coffee table for small living room
Small house living room furniture

9. Small Folding Bench

This is a popular item on the beach, porch, and almost anywhere outdoor. This item can be brought indoor as well. The key is to choose ones with the right color to match your decoration, and it will be good to go.

This bench allows you to have extra seats while you are entertaining and extra table for your books when you need to. When you are done with your thing or guests, you can fold and store it back. Choose ones that are made of wood for rustic look. However, there are lighter material as well that you can choose.

Folding bench table for small living room decor ideas
Small House Living Room Furniture Ideas

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